Ragland Homes is Proud to Announce We Have Earned the Name Certified Master Builder

Ragland Homes is proud to announce that we are now a member of the Certified Master Builder Program of South Carolina. At the heart of becoming a Certified Master Builder is education. There are very strict requirements that a builder must meet to gain the Master Builder approval, as well as ongoing educational efforts completed annually to maintain this status.

An Elite Group of Builders Exhibiting Superior Professionalism

The intent of the Master Builder Program of South Carolina is to establish an elite group of builders that exhibit superior professionalism and customer service ratings. The program is designed to give homeowners additional confidence and peace of mind when hiring a contractor in South Carolina. Master Builders have to not only display a level of excellence in skill, knowledge, and expertise in home buildings; they have to meet their customers’ expectations on a thoroughly vetted and ongoing basis.

The Promise You Get with a Certified Master Builder

Builders who qualify for the Certified Master Builder Program do so by becoming exclusive members of home remodeling and home builders in South Carolina, who exhibit that they can stay on time and within budget. They are also tasked with timely response to requests after the Certificate of Occupancy has been obtained, which means that they not only have to build it correctly; they are committed to guaranteeing the quality of their work.

How Do You Qualify?

The goal of the Certified Master Builder Program is to provide a super customer service experience along with excellence in building. There is an application process that requires proof of educational requirements, insurance, letters of recommendation, annual continuing education verification, and other documents. The strict guidelines are extensive and all-encompassing, but we believe them to be necessary and worthwhile.

Ragland Homes is Committed to Quality

As a builder, we understand that it isn’t enough to say that we care about quality and a positive customer experience; we go the extra distance to prove it. We have a reputation in Charleston for excellence in all that we do. At Ragland Homes, we don’t believe in resting on our laurels. We continually strive to be at the top of our industry, which involves maintaining higher education efforts, meeting the expectations of our customers, and ensuring that we provide the most seamless process for all of our clients from start to finish.

Ragland Homes is proud to announce that we have become an elite member of the Certified Master Builder Program. It is just one way that we seek to improve our services and grant all of those who trust in us the peace of mind that their faith in us is well-placed. If you are looking for a home builder or remodeler in the Charleston area, we would love for you to consider us. We guarantee that we will not just meet your expectations; we will exceed them. Contact us today to get started.