Custom Home in Charleston, SC – Byrnes Down





Custom Home in Charleston, SC - Byrnes Down

Key Specifications:

1 BR + 1BA Detached Cottage

3 Bedrooms

1 Bathroom

1300 Sq Ft Main Home

Custom Home Build Features:

  • Charleston, Byrnes Down
  • Multi-family property
  • Full renovation of home
  • Garage conversion to cottage
  • And Much More


As a distinguished Charleston home builder, Ragland Homes introduces their latest triumph in the heart of Byrnes Down, Charleston, SC. As a premier custom home builder in Charleston, SC, Ragland Homes brings an unparalleled vision to this enchanting neighborhood.
This masterpiece goes beyond conventional home construction, boasting exquisite features like a transformative home renovation that preserves the neighborhood’s historical charm. The residence includes a detached cottage that offers both privacy and versatile space, perfect for guests, a home office, or a creative sanctuary. Furthermore, Ragland Homes excels in garage renovation, seamlessly integrating modern functionality while maintaining the classic aesthetic of the area.
Ragland Homes’ presence in Byrnes Down echoes their commitment to elevating communities through innovative design and meticulous craftsmanship. With a legacy of excellence, Ragland Homes’ custom home showcases their deep appreciation for Charleston’s heritage while ushering in a new era of modern living.