Five Characteristics to Look for in Your Custom Home Contractor

As the red-hot market in the Charleston area rages on, many potential homebuyers are throwing in the towel and looking for other options. The historically low interest rates, combined with the lowest inventory in history, are only being compounded by the flood of people choosing the Holy City as their new home. If you are one of the people discouraged by conditions in the listing market and are considering building a new custom home, look for these characteristics in your custom home contractors in Charleston, SC.


Sure, it takes a lot of training and education to be a custom home builder. Knowing the basics is critical to getting it right. But the custom home builder you should hire is the one with raw talent and a passion for what they do. Not everyone has the skills and natural wherewithal to handle what it takes to build a home from the ground up. Some people just come by it naturally, and finding someone like that is critical to the entire process and the quality of the results.


There are so many different facets involved in a custom home build. From the foundation to the plumbing, you really have to know your stuff. Even though some of the work is subcontracted out, you need a contractor who knows their stuff and how to spot when things aren’t done correctly, and ensure they pay attention to the small details. Contracting is not a side job or something that you can do without training, but some have much more than others!


Building a custom home is like being a chef. You have a lot of things going on at once, and you have to be able to pivot quickly to put out the many fires that can happen along the way. A lot of the homebuilding process comes down to timing, innovation, and creativity. Make sure you find someone who sees opportunities where others see roadblocks!


When you own a business, it is essential to make sure that your customers are taken care of for the reputation of your company. But integrity is entirely different. Integrity is about doing the right thing because you care about the customers you work for. Find a contractor who not only wants their business to thrive, but who is also concerned about his or her legacy long after retirement.


Some people get into the building industry to earn a living, and others get into it because they have a passion for what they do. A builder who seems to get as excited as you about your dream is definitely someone that you want working on something as important as where you intend to hang your hat. Custom homebuilding is like a work of art – you want an artist who will pay attention to every detail and put their heart into it from the start to the finish of the building process.

The real estate market continues to rage around the Charleston area with no end in sight. That has put many potential homebuyers in a precarious situation to find a home. Most homes are spoken for minutes after being put up for sale. If you are going to switch gears and hire a custom home contractor in Charleston, SC, we are the company to hire. We believe that every home deserves customization and our full attention. Contact us today to begin building your dream home.