Tired of House Hunting? Four Benefits of Building New

As the summer rages on, one thing that is still in full swing is the red-hot real estate market. As the low inventory continues and people are competing for fewer available options, house hunting has gone from fun to not-so-much fun. If you are ready to quit the hunt and start looking for a better option, then building new might be the solution. These are just four benefits of hiring custom home builders in Summerville, SC, like Ragland Homes, to build the home of your dreams today!

You Get Exactly What You Want

Buying a pre-existing home might get you more of what you want, but it is not that different from buying a used car: you have to deal with someone else’s problems. An existing home offers more space, a better layout, and perhaps the location that you want, but it isn’t going to be exactly what you want. If you build a new home, you get to choose the floor plan, the specifications, and how big you want things. Having it be just what you want is even better than wanting something that’s “move-in ready”!

Location, Location, Location

There are many things about a home that you might be able to change, but the location is not one of them. If you buy a home, you are going to be stuck with where it is built and the specifics of the layout of the yard. Building new means that you get to have both the home designed exactly as you want it, and the lot that you hand-selected as well. That is like having your cake and eating it too. You can’t lose when you get to pick them both!

Upgrades are Upgraded as You Want

When you buy a new home, there will always be decisions that make you scratch your head, wondering why someone would do what they did. A custom-built home is just that: custom. It means that you get to make all the calls and choose everything from the bathroom sink to the appliances in the kitchen. Only you know how important one thing is over another, so prioritizing is one of the great luxuries of a custom home!

You Get All New Stuff

Building a custom home is like having a new car: it comes with the newness of not having anyone in it before. Sure, you have to deal with depreciation with a new car, but not so much with a custom-built home. You get to enjoy the security of knowing that your appliances and everything else in your home will be warrantied, so repair costs will be very unlikely. When you buy someone else’s home, usually you have a lot of upgrades and replacements to make that can be costly. For new appliances, when it rains, it pours!

If you are like most potential homebuyers, this is a very challenging market. Those who aren’t having much success with the house hunt might be looking for other options. A custom-built home means that you can quit the rat race that has become the real estate market, find a lot, and settle down – both literally and figuratively. Ragland Homes is a custom builder in the Summerville, SC area with a desire to please our customers and the expertise to get it done right. Contact us to get started today!