Is 2023, Your Year for a Custom Home Build?

As we head into the upcoming year, things are beginning to cool in the real estate market. Due to uncertain economic times as a likely reverberation of COVID, many people who wanted to move were stuck in a seller’s market marred by low inventory and high competition. We’ve enjoyed historically low-interest rates for several years and although they have come up some, they are still traditionally low, long with all things considered. If you are looking to move your residence in 2023, then hiring a custom home Charleston, SC professional is the best way to go for these and many other reasons!

Get Things Exactly As You Want Them

When you buy a home instead of a custom building one, you are always going to be limited by what the previous owners did and the layout and plan of the house. Although you can likely make minor improvements, when you are already spending money on buying a home, financing improvements on top of it can get expensive. In the end, even when you remodel and upgrade, the only way to really get things exactly as you want them is to have a home built according to your tastes, wants, and needs!

Warranties Are A Saver!

Buying a home from another homeowner means that you buy everything in the home, appliances, and systems included. If something isn’t working properly or dies quickly, you are on the hook to replace or repair it out of pocket. Those repairs and unforeseen costs can really begin to add up and cost you a lot. By having a home built, you will start with all-new systems and appliances that come with warranties should something go wrong. Having the assurance that everything will be covered at least for a couple of years is a great safety net over buyer-beware home buying situations.

Choose Your Property Specs

Building a custom home means that you get to choose the property that rests around it. When buying a home, you are going to be limited on the way the home rests on the property, any property features you like, and the size of the overall lot. When you build a home, not only are the interior choices yours; the exterior ones are as well. If you want a corner lot, a corner lot you shall have. Yes, it really is that simple!

Floor Plans Can’t Be Worked Around

Living in a house means really living in it, and there are certain things you can’t change that will really affect your living situation and the flow of your home. Often, home buyers think that little inconveniences like the layout of the kitchen and dining area are easily overcome, but they are usually anything but easy to rework. Therefore, most just end up settling and accepting it. A new home is one of the most significant and lasting investments you will ever make too. Why would you settle for not having all that you dream of? You’ll likely be paying for your new home for the next 15 to 30 years; shouldn’t you make sure it is everything that you want?

With the new year quickly approaching and the uncertain economic conditions that it will bring, now is an excellent time to lock in your mortgage rate and make plans to move on up. A custom-built home is a must to get all the upgrades, specialty things, and conveniences that you can (but should not) live without. At Ragland Builders, we ensure that you get the house of your dreams from start to finish without sacrifice! Contact us today to get started!