Luxury Home Build on a Budget? Yes!

Ragland Homes March Blog

When we talk to clients who want to build, we often hear “I want a luxury home, but I can’t afford it,” which is a huge misnomer. Just because a home is classified as a luxury doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to cost a fortune. Yes, by definition, they are high-end construction products, but “high-end” doesn’t always indicate the cost. At Ragland Homes, we are redefining what it means to build a luxury home by making sure that every new home we build comes with all the little things that make it luxurious. All of our new construction Charleston homes are luxury in every sense of the word!


One of the things that people expect with a luxury or custom home is the little extras that most builders ignore. Paying attention to the small details, planning well, and adding texture and architectural focal points are all things that we do at Ragland Homes. We believe that focal points are all about creativity, talent, and uniqueness, and in today’s market, that might be invaluable – but that doesn’t make it not affordable.


When most homeowners think of luxury home builds, they think of incredibly expensive materials. The thing about today’s building market is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell cheaper materials from the really expensive ones without a trained eye. When we approach a new home build, we first find out which style and decor that you find attractive. We then go to work finding materials that mimic what you enjoy so that no one will know but you and us – after all, it doesn’t have to have a high price tag to be priceless in someone’s eyes!

Square Footage

Luxury homes traditionally come with a lot of square footage. The bad thing is that they often end up feeling cold and unused. Our luxury homes don’t need extra rooms that no one uses to make them look amazing. All of the space that we offer with our custom-built homes is customized, which means that the homes are well laid out, flow well, and provide plenty of entertainment areas. What more could you possibly want in a luxury home?


At Ragland Homes, our new construction Charleston homes excel in uniqueness. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter layouts that are built in a day and look exactly the same as the one next to them. When we build a new home, we know that we are attaching our name and reputation to it. So we go to great lengths to offer some amazing, unique, and spectacular things by providing the little nooks, build-ins, and bonus areas that our customers love. There is never a dull moment involved in our home-building process or our home designs!

Prime Location

In Charleston, as with everywhere else, it is all about location, location, location. Often, people feel like they have to sacrifice or pay an exorbitant amount to put the house they want on the lot they can afford, or vice-versa. Our mission is to find a lot that you want to set roots on, then we find a home design that will suit all of your wants and needs. Most of our customers don’t believe that we can at first, but we prove it every time. We are masters of our trade – which is providing a luxury home at a price point that you can afford.

When it comes to new construction, most of the homeowners that we talk to think that a luxury home is out of their reach. By definition, we can give them all the things that people want in a luxury home at a price that is cost-conscious without sacrifice. If you are ready to build the home of your dreams, let us take your vision and make it a reality today!