Ragland Home Tiny House Completion – All the Amenities Packed Into One Amazing Home!

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When people think about the words “luxury home,” they often envision spiraling staircases with large square footage. But the reality is that a luxury home isn’t about the amount of space; it is all about what you do with the space you have. Our latest renovation is one of our favorites, not only because we believe that it turned out spectacular, but also because we helped a young man, just starting out, who wanted the best of the best on a smaller budget and limited square footage, achieve his dream of ownership..

When our twenty-something client approached us about helping with his new home build, he was slightly hesitant about what amenities he could afford to adorn his new living space. After saving and scrimping for some time, he was able to acquire a lot that was over seven acres and his slice of heaven outside the boundaries of Charleston. As builders, we felt challenged and excited about the prospects of giving him all the upgrades he wanted at a price that he could afford without overspending or investing too much into his first home.

A Chef-Inspired Kitchen

Our primary focus resided in his kitchen build. Being a chef at one of Charleston’s hottest new eateries, one of his primary goals was to create a kitchen area that was conducive to setting his creative juices on fire. Into his chef-inspired design, we carefully placed the appliances and prep space to give him the necessary area to sprawl out and get to work.

We then added state-of-the-art, stainless appliances that were a must-have on his list. And since a functional kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice aesthetics, we added contemporary pulls, standard cabinets that have the allure of custom cabinetry, and an exhaust that put the finishing touches that could easily grace the cover of any leading decor design magazine highlighted in the grocery check-out aisle.

Faux-Hardwood Flooring – Functional and Beautiful

No great kitchen and dining area are complete without both durable and high-end-looking floors. We chose to use laminate flooring, which gives the appearance of rich wood tones but provides lower maintenance without the need for floor refinishing. And it is also highly resistant to moisture, easy to clean, and long-lasting. Once the room was finished, there was no way that even a trained eye could tell the difference.

Another must on his luxury home list was an entertaining space that had the dual function of gathering and dining. The open floor plan will allow him to create his magic, while also being engaged with friends and family instead of being sequestered in isolation. Now everyone can not only come for dinner; they also get a show of greatness as he cooks up his wonderful cuisine concoctions, while in the throes of spending time with the people that he loves most.

A Grand Entrance

The entry door is often a signature for a luxury home because it is the first impression that you make curbside and otherwise. We used a standard door with a glass pane to let more natural sunlight in and we kept it simple because elegance is often found in understatement. We put closets on either side of the entryway door to be both functional and make the best use of the smaller space of his starter, yet spectacular new home.

One of the most prized parts of his newly constructed home is found in the fixtures, like the soaking tub that is situated in the bathroom. The clean and crisp lines are the focal point, and although not oversized, it gives a grandiose feel to the full bath that is connected to his master bedroom. We are sure it is a favorite spot to let the day’s stress melt away after being in a grueling kitchen for hours on end serving up the most amazing dishes to his dinner guests.

The Additional of A Spectacular Shower

For those mornings and evenings when a shower is all that is needed to rinse and repeat, the deluxe ceramic-tiled shower didn’t break the budget, but it looks like it did. The use of mosaics for a non-slip surface flooring and cool and contemporary subway tile completes the upscale amenities that he so craved from the start. It is an excellent feature for his single lifestyle, while also being warm enough to give the homey feel that you simply can’t live without.

Lastly, because outdoor areas are one of the best features to enjoy the wonderful Charleston mornings and evenings, the addition of a screened-in porch will allow him to watch the sunrise and set without the annoyance of mosquitoes and other biting and stinging pests that can be so prevalent in the Charleston area.

Our latest build is just one of the many examples we have to show that luxury homes are not about an abundance of space; it is about the fine craftsmanship, attention to detail, and the necessary upgrades that make a house spectacular.

At Ragland Homes, we are committed to giving a custom and luxury feel to all of our home builds regardless of size, scope, or budget. When there is a will, experience, and expertise, there is always a way. Whether you are in your twenties just starting out, or an empty nester looking to downsize without sacrifice, we have a perfect floor plan, all the upgrades you can imagine, and the dedication to ensure that we not only meet every one of our client’s wish lists; we exceed their expectations far beyond what they can envision. Contact us today and let’s get started on your dream home!